Did you know that William Whistle has travelled the world to find the very best blends for your tea and coffee? Well, yes indeed. Guess it’s about time to get familiar with his story which is sweetly conveyed through the packaging.

Nook London - The East London business presents its nostalgic pieces in a simple and sweet vintage style package. Get to know this very special brand and the idea behind it.

Oh Valentine, hands off of red roses! How to escape your own unimaginative on the 14th of February? Well, we’ve found a little package that suits him and her.

Currently, Aqua Monaco captures the Munich beverage market and, without a doubt, there is a reason why. Few label designs are as complex, yet straightforward as the one of the Munich brand.

Hello there, may we introduce you to BrewDog? A beer that incorporates an unconventional and a refreshingly direct attitude.

McDonald's kicks off with a redesign reflecting the energy and passion of football.

Panties are overrated, UNLESS they come in subtle colours and belong to Acne! Get in touch with their great new packaging which functions like a drawer.

Isn’t it justnuts to leave the house without an energy bar? Yes, indeed, it definitely is.

New year, new courage! 2015 is going to be quite colourful when it comes to Atipico.

Have you ever wondered how to wrap a package? The Californian brand Cavallini highlights the potential of minimalist designs.

Get to know ChocQlate, the true energy supplier in the cold season.

Are you looking for wisdom or enlightenment? Look no further as Kabuto Noodles may help out thanks to its packaging.

The typical advent calender receives a new look and gives an insight into the world of typography.

L:A Bruket combines the authenticity of the rough coast with a romantic and luxurious country style. Discover minimalism for the bathroom. 

Traditional fortune cookies are so yesterday. Regarding Halloween, it's time to spread some dark and twisted messages. Clear the stage for the misfortune cookie.

The most stylish fish I have ever met. Discover JOSE GOURMET and their sweet scribbles.

Some concepts just put it straight, like this clever packaging concept from MUSTANG.

Farrow & Ball knows about style, not only when it comes to interior, but also when it comes to packaging.

A pure product deserves a sharp and neat design. By the way, this is Wodqa, communicating brand values through its unique packaging.

Even when it comes to cosmetics, it's more than about styling. It's about clever design.

Are you an ice-cream lover looking for love-flavoured ice-cream in a lovely package? If so, we found something you will enjoy.

‘BOMBA! XXX spices up English dishes and food packaging in general. Have a look for yourself.