If you're not going on vacation any time soon, try to feel the summer with these goodies from Ortigia Sicilia.

Uslu Airlines has picked some true sparkles for you. Watch the shimmer take the spotlight with its minimal packaging.

Australian technology innovator amp. focuses on adapting medical science to provide effective skin care solutions.

The sheer number of beauty products makes it hard for a brand to stand out in the shelves. However is not an ordinary beauty brand.

Did you really think about a coffee diet? This packaging is too nice to quit on caffeine. But who was serious about this anyway?

Use carton boxes in a smart way like this Swedish brand does.

After this long winter it’s time to get a taste of the sea. To dive right into Swedish design, click here.

Living life in a superlative world: Shamelessly, we carry things to extremes these days. Again and again we throw with big words and great ideas around us. Everything is splendid, super fantastic or even more than perfect. We live in an absolute super-  … no hyperlative fantasy!

Cold cuts have never looked as tasty as the design for Merrale.

Cold cuts have never been as sophisticated as the “Merrale” palette designed by the Luminous Design Group for the Greek Mitsopoulos Farm. But the taste test is up to you.

At the Wiesn you shouldn't mess with your Maß, but outside the realms of the Oktoberfest, you may want to try some other beer styles. For that occasion we have found the perfect substitute, a bottled beer embellished with artistic illustrations. Tilmans Biere translates traditional beer styles to the present and endows them with a rustic, but charming feel that combines the best of both, the old and the modern age.

Nothing tells us more about a product than its material. With a closer look, it can tell us a whole story. Healsi Water stands for the story of a premium water.

Once summer comes with all its perks and lots of sun, we definitely need the right refreshments lined up. Mono Tee promises the necessary cool-down as well as some healthy benefits as the herbal infusion is made “with mo fun no sugar”, short Mono.

We’ve been waiting for this to happen. A water bottle that fits every hand bag. Super stylish and more importantly very practical. Drink, refill and show it off.

Eight years young and already an icon of the fashion world – Moroccanoil loves the runway and is part of many beauty insiders’ home.

Today we offer delicious foods and designs from La Gondola. The cans of the Portuguese food brand are a feast for the eyes as their playful illustrations make fish more interesting.

These days intense colour palettes will enrich the beauty shelves of selected H&M stores making it more intriguing and expressive.

Big talk, big nuts. This summer True Fruits has upped its game by adding cashew and coconut puree to its smoothies. Enjoy the summer look and taste!

Hello gorgous, need a new gem in your beauty collection? Try Doe, get some good hair and a pretty package on display.

Both, product and packaging appear to be rejuvenating and refreshing. This is the Bioeffect's beauty secret.

As the sun cannot stay away forever, we have to get prepared for some Carpe Diem this weekend, sipping on these cool drinks.

A good drop of gin has to draw attention  to itself from far – This is our ginspiration for the weekend.

What are you waiting for? WILL could be your next training partner too! Helping you detect your willpower and reach the best performance.

Doing laundry just got a bit nicer with L’EAUNDRY. The luxury detergent pays homage to the art of perfumery and instantly elevates its status by means of its packaging design.

In the light of frequent change, we long for classics that care about their values and looks. Laboratory Perfumes doesn’t follow seasonal trends, it pursues cult status. And who’s not up for an icon?