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Big talk, big nuts. This summer True Fruits has upped its game by adding cashew and coconut puree to its smoothies. Thus, the so-called White smoothies – a “nuss-have” as the brand would say (“Nuss” meaning “nut” in German) – are so super creamy that they will melt in your mouth.

More taste, less goo, ensures the handy glass bottle which is dressed in a sleek white sleeve, carrying pastel hues on its seal and on its front. Apart from the creamy fresh highlights, the cover sports a measure showing its mix of ingredients. Practical and pretty. We like it.



PACKAGING: 250ml glass bottle which can be easily reused
SPECIALTIES & FINISHING: The bottle carries a white sleeve and a pastel coloured lid

LAYOUT: Measure on the front

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true fruits white smoothie matcha 0617 pressebild

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