Munich loves good taste and hence is super excited to welcome the Foodist Fine Food Market at the Praterinsel this weekend. Food and design lovers come here to indulge big time.

New event concepts act far away from standards and follow the mission to connect offline and online in a meaningful way. Within the Luxury showroom of this year's „It’s all about Packaging“ trade fair, focus was placed exactly on these visions – as a matter of fact „to package oneself“ also means to present yourself in an exciting way on across all platforms in order to excite curiosity.

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2016, the MaximiliansForum will turn into a creative spot from the 20th to the 28th of February to host the exhibition project REPACK. REPACK will display different approaches to packaging in regards of sustainability. Within that time, you will be able to enjoy over 40 packaging artefacts all of which revolve around issues of shape, function, production, material, economy, dsitribution, ecology and experiment. 

The future of shopping is looking very rosy indeed! New concepts and experiences are bursting forth everywhere from fertile digital soil. Tender sprouts of a budding new independence.

This year's German edition of the Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA) by BillerudKorsnäs could gain four participating schools, the Mercedes-Benz Arena as a new attractive location and a record number of over 200 visiting guests, making the event one of a kind.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Only a few more weeks until design meets technology with its innovative opportunities for packaging, print and POS. Be prepared for an insightful branding event in the heart of creativity – at Arena Berlin.

Before next year’s adventure, we will present some nice pictures from this year’s LOOK & LIKE lounge. It was a blast!

The leitmotif of the next packaging innovation show is ‘design meets technology’. Martina Hofmann, show manager and the creative force behind the event, divulges some important details about to us in an interview.

This is how Spotify would go physical. Experience the design of the winning team of the fifth SPICE competition.

Berlin air may not be very popular, but Berlin scents are now highly regarded thanks to the exquisite perfume boutique Frau Tonis Parfum.

To experience the material of the Swedish brand, the interior of the cooking school KETAO+ transformed into a BillerudKorsnäs carton and paper world.

Time to reminisce and look back at this year's Packaging Innovations highlights in Hamburg. Next stop will be in Berlin!

What would you say if you were given the task to create a packaging for a product that only exists in the digital world? Hell yea, it would be a true challenge. But it would be an incredibly good one.

THE LOOK & LIKE x Packaging Innovations Promotion:
This year’s Packaging Innovations (PI) rings in a new event & design age and therefore fittingly announces a performance by New York design visionary Karim Rashid. The packaging & branding event in Hamburg presents the creative pop star as keynote speaker. The talk will be a real highlight of the event, and will be accessible for PI visitors and PACKAGINGCAMP visitors.*

Striking, charming and self-ironic – the line-up of this year’s Creative Paper Conference was as colourful as a candy shop and far away from boring.

Our packaging topics & trends did attract wide interest in Zurich and will be even more captivating in the extended PackagingCamp version in Hamburg – innovative, inspiring, hands-on. Experience packaging in all its dimensions.

Rules are meant to be broken: This year’s Packaging Impact Award (PIDA) 2014 in Stuttgart was all about ‘Breaking the Code’ to challenge the traditional champagne packaging.

How to Create Packaging with an Eye to Trends
This year the Packaging Innovations has a special goodie for designers, brand owner, product manager and packaging fans – the first PACKAGINGCAMP Zurich in cooperationwith us from THE LOOK & LIKE.

For the 5th time already, the Creative Paper Conference will show us the diverse facets of paper.