Instead of relying on pomp and circumstance, Frau Tonis Parfum arrests you with its charming minimalism. The focus of attention is the fragrance, not the trappings! Especially the sleek design is what makes the product so enticing, even at a show that puts packaging in the spotlight. At Packaging Innovations, the Berlin-based perfume manufacturer will present the art of creating fragrances, and along the way it will demonstrate how it combines authenticity, packaging and brand philosophy.

We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer, on occasion for the next Packaging Innovations show in 2017, we have started a series of interviews with reknown exhibitors who will keep you updated about the most important themes and trends of the industry. Stephan Bestehorn, Managing Editor of the rlc Group and very first dialogue partner of 5 ½ questions, looks ahead and describes the future of packaging.

Please meet the creative mind behind PLUMEN and get to know more about the philosophy of design. Obviously, enlightening!

Philipp Blume, stage designer and founder of Papertown has taken some time to philosophise about cardboard. Sounds strange, is however highly poetic. Based on his latest project with the Packaging Innovations in the Arena Berlin, the eloquent Viennese explains vividly why this packaging material won his heart.

Love vintage, industrial inspired lighting? Then this interview is something for you. Read more about Nook London and their project Nostalgia Lights.

As spring is spoiling us with sunshine, we fancy a glass of pure Dansih water and some exciting details about Krusmølle Kilde.

Congratulations on an epic purchase of incredible craft beer, you clearly have impeccable taste", says James from BrewDog. Get to know their story