The current MET exhibition on Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons Art of the In-Between highlights the hybridity and interstitiality in fashion and thereby illuminates the approach and potential in the realm of art in general. Get excited about this inspiring trip to a world of creation, recreation and reinvention.

Every image puts the detail in the foreground. Things that are usually perceived at second glance, appear in focus and tell interesting stories. Form, structure or ornament are presented pin sharp. Pure pixel poetry!

Lunch is more delicious once you are surrounded by monsters and zombies – How packaging design in everyday life can be a source of inspiration for an entire industry.

Tom Seelbach has the eye. For the essential. For the perfect angle. Light and shadow. Now you can experience his latest work live at the Packging Innovations.

What should we say? Sometimes you have to ignore the boundaries in order to be free.
- Art is what you can get away with - Art is what you can get away with - Art is what you can get away with - Art is what you can get away with -

What do shoes and packaging have in common? Actually a lot, once their outer material is partly made from recycled plastic packaging waste. Please welcome the sustainable future!

Have you been using the europallet all wrong? nitiated a 7-day workshop where 14 adolescents were able to turn boring europallets into design furniture and home accessories

Let's cruise through the realm of design and art to show how different performers incorporate packaging as part of their art. Whether they suggest critique, irony, or modernity and extravaganza, truth is, their messages are as diverse as their characters.