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THE LOOK & LIKE x Packaging Innovations Promotion:
Tom Seelbach has the eye. For the essential. For the perfect angle. Light and shadow. His works are to the point, without much Chichi and, nevertheless, very impressive, exciting and sensitive.

His camera lens frequently captures the luxury of the world. Premium perfumes, noble watches and writing instruments, valuable silver and precious accessories are put in the spotlight and on numerous magazine covers and editorials.

Opposed to that his latest exhibition is all about the poetry of packaging. Architecture of wasted fantasy – THE POETRY OF PACKAGING orchestrates magically glowing towers, solid skyscrapers and transparent buildings with seemingly simple means. Combined with play and imagination the mass products turn into unique designs that inspire our fantasy.

We offer a glimpse into his studio works here representing a feel his sensitive and very skilfull approach.

If you want to experience the Architecture of wasted fantasy – THE POETRY OF PACKAGING and talk to the photo artist live, you should visit the Packaging Art Night at the Packaging Innovations.

Thursday, 23.06. 2016, from 6pm

Packaging Art Night including the exhibition – Architecture of wasted fantasy – THE POETRY OF PACKAGING
from and with advertising photographer Tom Seelbach

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Photo credit Tom Seelbach