The German capital packs its bags to showcase its seven sweetest interior brands and their clean-cut furniture in Munich. All design lovers should come and see this.

A sight for sore eyes and a true packaging paradise! If you are in need for extraordinary gifting ideas for Mother’s Day or other spontaneous festivities, make your way to this pretty place.

Watch Brooklyn Soap Company get into the game

Nothing ever lasts. Or. In other words. Nothing is as dull as it used to be. More and more pop up stores have sprung up these days representing a wish for excitement and frequent change. The concept appears to be profitable for both, customers and brands. The latter, as a matter of fact, are able to draw attention to their products in a very special way. Watch Brooklyn Soap get to the heart of the concept.

Welcome to Munich! The first Aesop signature store has found its way to the Bavarian state capital - it's the seventh in Germany - and it comes with striking design contrasts.

Everyone needs a Room to Dream. In a hidden backyard in the heart of Munich, you’ll find the perfect spot by Sabine Stadtherr.