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You want to collaborate with us, that’s great! We support you with your projects. Develop packages. Hold workshops. Create mock ups. Brandings. Events. You name it.

We are hands on with the necessary edge and with our agency called Packaging Circus we have already brought to life many projects. Email your inquiry at




We are great lovers of print, but the truth is, the online presence of a brand has a great impact on the business these days. With that in mind, we offer a dynamic communication platform that boosts your popularity in the field of packaging. Advertising will be placed in a suitable and interesting editorial context to appeal to our readers.

To reach new people we get active online and offline involving all social media channels on this planet and maintaining valuable cooperations with fairs and other networks. However, we will always stay true to ourselves, only supporting what we think is valuable for the industry.

Curious? Find out what we can do for your brand and mailto