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Lunch is more delicious once you are surrounded by monsters and zombies – How packaging design in everyday life can be a source of inspiration for an entire industry.

Brown paper bags are little fun for kids. To make the lunch break more interesting, freelance graphic designer Bryan Dunn decided to draw some engaging illustrations on the lunch bags of his son – the images include cuddle bears, dinosaurs, zombies, mutated crocodiles and action heroes from current TV shows.


LL junebug bagdad VERTICAL
LL superbear bagdas VERTICAL
LL tentalce bagdad VERTICAL

The Bag Dad’, as he calls himself on Facebook, and his works already enjoy cult status in pre-school as the unique paper bags currently decorate the walls of the art room. Occasionally, other kids are allowed to choose the design for the next day, and if they are lucky they can even collect the bag after lunch. 

This lovely story of everyday life illustrates how packaging is able to spice up everybody’s day!


PS: We even got our own lunch bag design, yay! If someone needs help with designs for children, Bryan is your man:

More bag-designs can be found on Facebook: The Bag Dad