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Last week Berlin has made eco fashion more wearable. For the big sustainable fashion performance, the German capital initiated a Green Showroom and an Ethical Fashion Show for its Fashion week – two exhibitions that spotlighted ethically produced clothes. This move marks a milestone that is often talked about, yet rarely turned into reality, let alone be turned into a real piece of fashion on the catwalk. After all, fashion is supposed to be nice packaging.  

The sustainable history of product packaging did not only begin last week, however it deserves constant input to flourish. Hence, from today, it will receive a remarkable stage at the MaximiliansForum in Munich. The project REPACK, a concept from Anna-Cathérine Koch and Arwed Guderian, is going to show current sustainable approaches to packaging design which are displayed kaleidoscopically in a dialogue with traditional packaging typologies and shapes. Design classics will encounter new technical packaging solutions and hopefully give inspiration for new creative and persuading concepts of sustainability.

By all means, we recommend seeing the following programme which starts today and continues during the MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week):

28.01.2016, 7pm OPENING
09.02.2016, 7 pm Tour with the curators
23.02.2016., 7 pm Talk No.1 – In debate with Prof. Dr. René Spitz (RFH Köln/Design Theory, International Design and Communication)
25.02.2016, 7 pm Talk No.2 – How does sustainability reflect in practice? In debate with Lars Schepp, founder of founder of „München und Speisen“ from Gourmistas

Besides discussing common challenges of packaging design, the talks cover socioconomic themes such as sharing, open-source or cradle-to-cradle. In case you cannot make it to tonight’s opening, you can get a little preview here.

Web EcoPoloTechnoPoloLacosteHeritage3 TomDixon MindDesign 2011 AusstellungREPACK FotoMindDesign

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