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THE LOOK & LIKE x BillerudKorsnäs Promotion:
This year's German edition of the Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA) by BillerudKorsnsäs could gain four participating schools, the Mercedes-Benz Arena as a new attractive location and a record number of over 200 visiting guests, making the event one of a kind.

We have received some insights from the internal jury meeting from chairman Thomas Reissig. Here he explains what has happened behind the scenes and who has won the hearts of the jury:

A day before the official ceremony, a competent jury has gathered to evaluate the 14 nominate packaging design projects on the theme 'style and smart on the go'.

The jury members who came from different industry backgrounds, including FMCG, suppliers of folding boxes, material manufacturers, design agencies and media & press, had a tough decision to make as the quality of the packaging solutions that have been handed in was overwhelming at first sight. The idea was to determine the three most persuading solutions based on a physical design concept and an accompanying presentation by the different student groups. The winning categories were 'Best User-Friendliness', 'Best Level of Innovation', 'Best Overall Concept'. The jury was literally surprised by the creativity of the presentations which included singing, dancing, printed shirts and performances that remind of professional cabaret. Thanks to a sophisticated evaluation system that has been developed over the years, the great knowledge of the jury and the student line-up which appeared likewise harmonic and dynamic, the three winners could be easily determined at the end of the meeting.

CAKE BREAK – Best User-Friendliness:
(Anh Vu Nguyen, Georg Vulpius, Carolin Auzinger)

Shaped like a piece of cake, the package makes use of little material. The product inside, preferably a 12-tel-shape is closely wrapped by the material which is endowed with a stripe-shaped perforation allowing the consumer to peel of the wrap without any effort from top to bottom and eat the cake step by step or... bite by bite. This way the package grants easy handling and moreover clean hands. To sum it up, the design scores with an innovative packaging shape, minimal use of material, and high functionality.

SHAKYLOOP - Winner Best Level of Innovation:
(H. Trang Nguyen, Lisa Herrmann, Sindy Osnowski, Vanessa Hahn)

Have you ever thought about a snack pack that allows you to use your hands after all as it can be worn as a bracelet? The clue: The pack is formed like a loop which consists of a second carton ring that is filled with nuts or candy and that simultaneously functions like a revolvable closing mechanism. Together with an impressive performance of song and dance, the student group of SHAKYLOOP managed to secure its win in the category 'Best Level of Innovation'. The promotion concept could convince the jury since the package comes with sound effects and could be the next big thing for the upcoming football world championships.

LADHID – Overall Winner:
(Hanna Vayhinger, Edda Seemann, Johannes Wilhelm, Valentina Lehmann)

If there was a reasonable and effective way to produce the complicated ring carton construction of SHAKYLOOP, it would have undoubtedly won the Overall Prize, but a completely different design demonstrated how packaging can be innovative, user-friendly and feasible at the same time. LADHID was made for the transportation of a Falafel and fulfilled all demands of modern and mobile lifestyle with its portable carton Bag that could be shifted like a fan. An optional lid avoids spillage and a carrier allows easy handling. Overall the package turned out to be a clever solution for uncomplicated snacking on the go. Its option to work as a fan thanks to a sophisticated glue compound helps the consumer to change the size of the packaging. Perfect!

Audience Prize:
Fun fact, SHAKYLOOP won the hearts and vote of the audience as well confirming the decision made by the jury. And who knows... There might be a way to realise the concept after all...


Enjoy the impressions from the official event:

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