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As the sun cannot stay away forever, we have to get prepared for some Carpe Diem this weekend, sipping on these cool drinks.

Combining Italian Dolce Vita with Bavarian handicraft, Mondino is made in the pre-alpine Chiemgau according to a traditional Italian recipe. Herbs and medical plants from the alps, as well as fruits from best bio quality give the bitter aperitive its unique aroma which works exceptionally well with Prosecco and Negroni.

Thus, the Italian inspired look is a must. The 0.7 l glass bottle is endowed with a diamond shaped label which sports a golden hot foil print. The tag which is applied by hand emphasises tradition and handcraft.

Moreover, the combination of straightforward and curved fonts give the bottle a Mediterranean feel and remind: There is always room for a bit of Dolce Vita – whether you are lying in beach chair at the Lago di Garda or you are sitting in an IKEA lounge in you own garden.



PACKAGING MATERIAL: Labelled 0,7 l glass bottle
PRINT& FINISHING: Uncoated paper label with golden hot foil print; Tag on bottle neck is carefully applied by hand
LAYOUT: Different typographies and graphics of the alps, the latter also on top of the screw.


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