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Doing laundry just got a bit nicer with L’EAUNDRY. The luxury detergent endows our favourite clothes with an extraordinary freshness and a super soft touch. Smelling like ORIENTAL OLIBANUM, ASIAN GINGER FLOWER and SCANDINAVIAN MOSS we definitely like to snuggle up in our cashmere pullovers a little longer and enjoy a feeling of comfort.
Fragrance and coziness is expressed right through a special choice of packaging. Instead of going mainstream with a common detergent bottle, the luxury brand uses a perfume flacon. Thanks to creative designers and known perfumers the FRAGRANCE LAUNDRY DETERGENT plays in its own league.

Prices start from 48 €.



PACKAGING: Packaging reminds us of a classical perfume flacon
SPECIALTIES & FINISHING: Details on the cap, square flacon
LAYOUT: The colour code distinguishes the three scents


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