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Both, product and packaging appear to be rejuvenating and refreshing. This is the Bioeffect's beauty secret.

Apparently, Icelandic natural spring water and vulcano ash make a perfect skin treatment, one  which promises what everyone desires: A smooth and shiny complexion. For 10 years now, cosmetic brand Bioeffect focuses on the cell activating substance EGF made from barley which does not only spoil its users; but it is said to have a rejuvenating effect.

The philosophy is mirrored in the brand’s packaging design which appears simple, yet elegant and with a hint of Greenery. Further the folding box is endowed with a pleasing haptic thanks to subtle embossing and a soft touch surface. The products are filled in premium bottles and tubes. The popular Day Serum is captured by a double-walled dispenser which combines transparent and silver elements to reflect the freshness of the ingredients.



PACKAGING: Dispenser / tube with folding box
SPECIALTIES & FINISHING: The dispenser is double-walled, the mint coloured parts of the folding box is embossed and coated; the inner of the folding box is printed
LAYOUT: Minimal, vital and elegant

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