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Did you really think about a coffee diet? This packaging is too nice to quit on caffeine. But who was serious about this anyway?

We like … scratch that, we ADORE coffee! Somewhere in between Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato, we like it best and hope for daily caffeine enjoyments and flavours from all over the world –  Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, Sulawesi, you name it. The Barn, a Berlin Specialty Coffee Roaster, is known for its sensational coffee tastes and its international premium products which are wrapped in a convincing package.

To maintain the best flavours of the coffee over a period of time, the beans are filled to an aroma protected resealable pouch, aluminium-coated on the inside. That way, the beans can give away a first taste, without losing all their flavour.

The brown paper pouch mirrors the urban style of the Berlin brand and fits the carton boxes perfectly. These are made from recyclable carton (blank cut) and stand out quietly through their with copper clamps stapled edges.

A minimal approach to the cover illuminates the essential theme: The quality of the bean. A simple scribble of a barn and matching typography make the logo which is stamped on the box and printed on the no label look of the pouch. Both support an overall coherent look and a subtle appearance of the brand.


PACKAGING MATERIAL: Paper pouch (natural look) with aroma protection
LAYOUT: Simple handmade-character layout, limited to scribbled logo & font and thereby focused on the essential

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