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At the Wiesn you shouldn't mess with your Maß, but outside the realms of the Oktoberfest, you may want to try some other beer styles. For that occasion we have found the perfect substitute, a bottled beer embellished with artistic illustrations. Tilmans Biere translates traditional beer styles to the present and endows them with a rustic, but charming feel that combines the best of both, the old and the modern age.

As beer lover and specialist, you don’t feel particularly well in between industrially brewed beers that’s why Tilman decided to make his own – based on traditional styles enhanced with a modern twist.

It must have been a sign rather than coincidence, that Tilman registered his beer business on the day of beer. Ever since, he has put three different beer flavours to the market: "Das Helle", "die Dunkle" and "Brown Ale". Modern-day tradition for every taste.

The bottle is the focal point of the beer. Its silhouette is super plain, its impact charmingly old-fashioned, the label picturesque thanks to the expressive illustrations of three different artists.


DasHelle TilmansBiere MAX

DasDunkle TilmansBiere MAX

BrownAle TilmansBiere MAX



PRINT & FINISHING: With a label
LAYOUT: The layout of the labels is designed by different artists