Memobottle Leather Sleeve Family 1 HEADER

We’ve been waiting for this to happen. A water bottle that fits every hand bag. Super stylish and more importantly very practical. Drink, refill and show it off.

Square is the new round. Memobottle comes in a letter format and fittingly sends out an important message: Design can encourage sustainable behaviour. As a matter of fact, memobottle invites its owners to engage in the reuse of water bottles. The team of memobottle thus break the mainstream in order to stop the single-use mentality. Thanks to its slimline design their sustainable product perfectly slides in every bag, even clutch size. Minimal design, maximum function – a concept that works.  

The companies’ success story started in 2014 with a vision for global change. Obviously, the idea has struck a chord. Last year, Memobottle took centre stage at the 88th Oscar Awards in Hollywood as a special inclusion in the gift bags. And last month the premium bottle’s highly anticipated second range got fully funded within a few hours on kickstarter.

The 2 in 1 solution – environmental-friendly and convenient design – seems to make a great impact and inspires a new sustainable lifestyle.  

With the new range come new accessories: a high-quality leather sleeve and a copper desk stand will up your water game.


PACKAGING: Premium tritan water bottle in international paper size formats from A4 to A7
SPECIALTIES & FINISHING: Sleek and stainless steel lid, copper and matte black lids available with the new range

LAYOUT: Minimalist looks, no label, embossing instead / With the new range

Memobootle A7 flat lay MAX

Memobottle A7 memobottle 2 doubleMemobottle A7 memobottle 5 double
Memobottle A7 vertical
Memobottle Slim Leather Sleeve vertical
Memobottle Lanyard Slim 2 vertical

Memobottle Slim Leather Sleeve 2 MAX

Memobottle Slim vertical
Memobottle Copper Desk 3 doubleMemobottle Metallic Lids double