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“Congratulations on an epic purchase of incredible craft beer, you clearly have impeccable taste.“ Hello there, may we introduce you to BrewDog? A beer that is clearly straightforward.


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You are looking for the punk among beer brands? We advise you to get in touch with BrewDog then. The young Scottish company incorporates an unconventional and a refreshingly direct attitude. And the best way to sport this new ease is to put it on the package of their Dead Pony* Pale Ale for instance, which we had come across in a charming pub in Hamburg for the first time.

With its massive citrus aromas and its insane amount of west coast hops, the beer offers a bit of Californian Dreaming during hot and cold days. A beer. A soul. A reason to cheer.

* apparently ‘no ponies were harmed in the making of this beer’.




PACKAGING & MATERIAL: Labelled (uncoated paper) brown glass bottle

PRINTING METHOD & FINISHING: Logo and product name are embossed to provide a special feel

LAYOUT: Vintage look, logo vertical oriented, crown cork printed with CI colours and logo