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Seriously, I am unbearable when I’m hungry, but my mood is even worse, when there happens to be a sardine on my plate. I generally don’t want to come across these creatures – neither alive nor digital or in the form of a simple drawing. The Portuguese food company JOSE GOURMET, however, make canned fish look (almost) delicious.

Apparently, tinned fish got rid of its dusty image and received a new look through a labelled folding box as the latter sports quirky animal illustrations. ‘Quirky’ because they are endowed with peculiar accessories and features: Fish with coat or with exorbitant big eyes, another fish (excuse my incapability of differentiating between all species) with beard or even with a hat, like a true Gentle-fish?! In accordance to the sea, the colours are mostly kept in yellow, green, brown and blue nuances.



 Jose Gourmet Takeaway Packaging Closeup MAX

Jose Gourmet Single Packaging all MAX

Jose Gourmet Takeaway Packaging DOUBLE
Jose Gourmet Takeaway Packaging open and closed DOUBLE




PACKAGING & MATERIAL: Tin, grey folding box made from recycling paper + take away box

RINTING METHOD & FINISHING: Offset print, labelled folding box, cut out logo (take away box)

LAYOUT: Funny colourful scribbles