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Some concepts just put it straight, like this clever packaging concept from MUSTANG.

In 1873, when the jeans has been brought into being, it was considered a true workers gear.  Hence, it was the synonym for durability and convenience.


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To show that MUSTANG jeans are still very robust today, the brand developed a smart concept in cooperation with the design agency KOREFE – Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung: A jeans that was sent to its customers inside out; a limited edition sold exclusively online during Worker’s Day 2013.

That way, the jeans turned into a packaging making one clear statement: ‘I am high-quality and a true worker’s gear.’


Creative Director Design: Christian Doering
Designer: Katharina Ullrich
Client: Mustang GmbH
Stylist: Tom Schuster



PACKAGING & MATERIAL: Folding box made from kraft paper, Jeans as wrap around fixated with a rope

PRINTING METHOD & FINISHING: Folding box is silk screened

LAYOUT: Product turns into packaging, expressive, original and cool